Wednesday, October 13, 2010

10/10/10 Commuter Bike Clinic. Oh, and Vote Nenshi!

On Sunday, W and I attended the 10/10/10 Commuter Bike Clinic at Prince's Island Park organized by local groups promoting lessening your carbon footprint through cycle commuting (Transition CalgaryCalgary Commuter ChallengeArusha Centre, and The Good Life Community Bike Shop)! It was a great way to showcase the options available to Calgarians who are interested in cycle commuting; there was a tent set up with bus routes, bike path maps, and other tips on cycling.

I got a free bike tune-up:

People were test riding that contraption in the top right corner. W really wanted to try it out next; however, the driver returned with a bleeding nose so W decided it must not be worth it.

We learned how to use the Calgary Transit Bike Racks that are found on select bus routes. Here's the one they brought for people to try out:

First, you lower the rack:

Then you place your bike in the rack (direction will be indicated on the rack):

Finally, you pull the holder hook over the wheel as close to the frame as possible.

Calgary Transit has more details instructions here but I thought I would include W's demonstration as well.

The bike racks are easy enough to use. They can accommodate two bikes and are available on a first-come-first-served basis. They are currently available on only three routes, but Calgary Transit will be reassessing bike rack usage next year; hopefully they will be able to provide bike racks on more routes.

Afterwards we hung around Eau Claire.  Passed by the River Cafe:

It's surprising to me that we haven't eaten here before. It's a well-known and much-loved restaurant that specializes in regional cuisine. We would've liked to stop in for a bite but we weren't dressed appropriately.  So we ate fast food at Eau Claire instead! You don't need to see a photo of that.

And here are some snaps from the ride home....

Headed over the bridge back to Memorial Drive:

The controversial Peace Bridge:

Hanging out under the 14th St. bridge:

In other news, W and I took advantage of the advance polls for the municipal elections. I won't tell you who I voted for, but Yoshi judges you if you don't vote Nenshi:

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