Sunday, February 6, 2011

My New Office

My yarn collection and associated crafty objects were beginning to make our spare room look like something out of Hoarders so W & I finally took it upon ourselves to give it all a proper home! It took a few hours to clear the room out but here's the before:

And after:

Excuse the crappy photos. I'm not a photographer and I haven't the slightest idea on how to edit photos.

The wall colour is a much brighter aqua than the pictures depict. In the daylight it's like a robin's egg or Tiffany blue. It's bright and cheerful and I love it. HUGE thanks to Omz and Blair for their painting expertise!!

My cutting/blocking table with yarn swift and ball winder:

I would have liked a larger table but this one works just fine. It's from the Ikea Vika series. My blocking board is 51 x 33 and fits fine, it just hangs over the edge a little.

Billy bookcases for my yarn, fabric, and notions:

The doors make an otherwise cheap-looking bookcase look so much nicer! Plus, it protects my yarn from dust, curious cats, etc.

And finally, my computer/pressing/sewing area:

It looks cramped but it works for me. The press is an Elnapress Alizé. It's fairly new so I haven't had the chance to develop a strong opinion about it, but so far I'm enjoying its ease of use.

Yes, it's Ikea city in here but the stuff is just so practical and affordable. More $$$ for yarn!

Now I'm on the search for a chair and items to adorn the walls. It's cliché but I'd like an inspiration board over the workspace.

As for the chairs - I would like something different than the usual task chair. It also needs to be a fun colour; I think chartreuse would really pop and break up the monotony of the white furniture. I have it narrowed down to the Eames Molded Plastic Side Chair and Vitra Panton Chair.

Both come in the green I'm looking for. I love these midcentury chairs. W prefers the Eames but I'm leaning towards the Panton - something about its futuristic, yet classic look really draws me in.


  1. We should acknowledge that Omar and Blair really helped us paint the walls. Couldn't have done it without them, so many thanks!

  2. Of course... it would have been a disaster without them!

  3. A blog! I love it! The room looks awesome!

  4. Thanks Porsche!! Can't wait to see your yellow S chair!